The Advantages of Zero Turn Mowers in Minnesota

Zero Turn Lawn Mower

9 Advantages to Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

There are many lawn mowers out in the market today but there is one version that is making a lot of waves simply because it offers so many advantages to its users, the zero turn mower.  The term “zero turn” means that the turning radius of the machine is essentially zero inches or a zero-degree turn radius.  To put it in plain English it simply means the lawn mower can turn within its own footprint.

The technology used for this type of lawn mower is usually reserved for professional landscape contractors but in recent years, zero turn tech has come in line with the budgets of many homeowners and therefore more people are upgrading their current rigs with a zero turn version.  The primary difference between a zero turn mower and that of a typical riding lawn mower rests in the controls. Each individual rear wheel features an independent wheel motor located one on the right and the other on the left. Two steering handles control this. A couple of independent steering controls offer limitless maneuverability and can cut your mowing time by 50%. Pushing the right steering handle forward, the right wheel will move forward, pull it back will make it move in reverse.

Better Maneuverability

The presence of dual wheel motors make it possible to have the maximum driver maneuverability. Controlling each wheel independently makes you go forward, backward, right, or left by simply moving your arms forward or backward.  The added maneuverability allows for cutting the mowing time by as much as half of what it used to be.  You can easily move between obstacles, mow around trees, flowerbeds and other obstacles in the yard much more quickly compared to a conventional steering wheel vehicle like a riding lawn mower.

Faster Speeds

The zero turn mower is designed to cut grass at almost 2x faster than your conventional lawn tractor so in essence, the straight line mowing experience is vastly improved. A conventional lawn mower can cut at a speed of 3-4 mph while a typical zero turn mower can do so in 5-8 mph.

Can Mow in a Single Pass

Upon reaching the end of the yard and have to turn around and come back, it is definitely possible to spin 180 degrees and come straight back without having to back up and cut the strips of grass that you failed to cut when you were executing the turn using a conventional tractor. Due to the unobstructed view of the cutting deck, zero turn mowers make it very easy to cut quite close so as to trim the edges and therefore eliminate the need to trim hard-to-reach places using a push mower or a string mower once you have done mowing.

Quicker Mowing Times

As mentioned above your mowing time will be cut by as much as 50%. While can vary depending on the size and complexity of the yard, regardless of the obstacles you will definitely see a drop in the amount of time needed to complete your mowing session. The shorter mowing times are also due to the high maneuverability of the zero turn mower, which basically allows you to quickly pass obstacles such as trees, houses and flowerbeds.  Can allow you to change direction with no difficulty at all.

Zero Turn Lawn Mower in Action

Better Fuel Economy

If your mowing time has dropped in half by using your zero turn mower, then chances are you are using less gas and therefore achieving better fuel economy.

Can Last Longer

The fact that you are not overworking the engine for a longer period of time like a regular mower, the wear and tear factor will be greatly lessened.  Therefore you will see that your zero turn mower will outlast your regular lawn mower without breaking a sweat.

Cleaner Lawn Mowing

Zero turn mowers typically feature a higher blade tip speed compared to the regular riding mower versions.  What this means is that you achieve a better cut grass, which makes your yard look better.

Better Mulch

Again due to the higher blade tip speed over riding mowers, which chop up leaves better and more efficiently than a regular riding mower.

Less Trimming

Due to the better maneuverability and control to get closer to stuff in your yard, there is a lesser need to spend additional time with a push mower or trimmer just to get that clean mowed look.

To Summarize

Thanks goes to Minnesota Equipment for their lending their expertise for this article. They specialize in all types of lawn mowers including Zero Turn Mowers, Riding, Wide-Area, Stand-On, Push Behind and many more. Whether you are in the market for some quality equipment for your house or for a commercial application they have you covered.

There are a myriad reasons why professional contractors prefer using zero turn mowers when performing professional lawn or landscape work. As seen in the information presented above, it offers the typical homeowner with a better option than just the riding lawn mower.  Go and get one for your lawn today.